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Franje Arendal 2016

26 performances

Warning, lineup is subject to changes! Check this website regularly
El Gran Enano - H2oBoom

H2oBoom is a mix of wáter, fire, and a infinity of elements! Giving a opening with a nice and interactive game that is slowly leading to the appearance of balloons and more balloons of different forms and colors. Flour, ping-pong balls, needles and various others dangerous objects forming parts of several ways to use the balloons that always ending in a Boom. Through a series of dissimilar tricks, skills and avarice of blow up balloons in the clown´s body and every were.

price: Hat | 40 min

Accordéon Mélancolique - Waterconcert

Niet alleen prikkeling van de zintuigen, maar ook ruimte om in contact te komen met je eigen herinnering of vermoeden van simpele schoonheid. Muziek benaderd als een Haiku, gevoel uitgedrukt als klank. Dit is wat deze twee muzikanten uit hun twee accordeons proberen te halen in een programma met gedichten, citaten, anekdotes en vooral muziek rond het thema water van hun nieuwste CD Aquarelles.

price: vrijwillige bijdrage | 50 minuten

Via Vivencia - Konsert med Via Vivencia , fiolin, gitar, vokal

Via Vivencia avspeiler intensiteten i hvert øyeblikk vi lever, og favner drømmer og lengsler, skjønnhet, lidenskap, kraft og glede. Kan vi nå frem - berøre - lytteren med spirer av disse kvalitene ved å være menneske fyllbyrdiger dette gleden vår ved å skape.

price: Free | 1 time
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Accordéon Mélancolique - Water concert

Not just stimulation of the senses, but also giving way getting in touch with your own memory of simple beauty. Music is approached as a Haiku, feeling expressed as a sound. This is what these two musicians try to get out of their two accordions. A program of little poems, quotes, anecdotes and above all a lot of music around the theme of water from their latest CD Aquarelles.

price: voluntary contribution | 50 minutes

Bruce / Mikkelsen - Soria Moria Slott

Soria Moria Slott Forestilling og workshop Av og med: dansekunstnere Janne Mikkelsen og Veronica Bruce 30 minutter Uterom, for eksempel park. Vi ønsker å dele en forestilling for barn mellom 3 og 12 år, der barna selv for være med å skape. Vi vil ta utgangspunkt i maleriet av Theodor Kittelsen, ved tittel Soria Moria slott, fra år 1900. Utifra maleriet og relasjonene til folkeeventyr vil vi skape et eget eventyr. Under forestillingen på Franje i Arendal vil forløpet være delt i tre. Vi starter med en workshop med barna, der vi sammen tegner på en stor papirrull for å illustrere ulike inspill til eventyr. Vi benyter deretter papirrullen til scenografi, og som forløpsbane. Som siste del spiller vi ut eventyret med de elementene barna har foreslått og bidratt med, barna selv blir en del av landskapet.

price: 50 kr | 30 min

Butoh Laboratorium, Oslo - Into Becoming

A butoh dance performance by Butoh Laboratorium, in collaboration with Mushimaro Fujieda. Performance by and with Kristin Nango, Margrete Slettebø, Kyuja Bae and Katarina Skår Henriksen, Veronica Bruce and Kristiane Nerdrum Bøwald. The collective will work with the Japanese Butoh dancer Mushimaru for a period in June, material which will be the heart of the performance for Franje Festival. They will also host a movement workshop during Franje Festival, open to all! Place and time will be announced. Butoh laboratorium is a dance collective in Oslo, consisting of six performers from art, dance and drama background. We are interested in a practice of Butoh-inspired dance- and improvisation. The intention is to offer a laboratorium where people from different fields can come and share, develop and investigate deeper their movement practice. The collective work as a dance performance group, as well as teaching through workshops, and are hosts for workshops by invited butoh dancers from around the world. They have previously worked with Nobuyoshi Asai, Mushimaru Fujieda, Motimaru Dance Company, Joan Laage, herStay, Anika Burton and Seshen Arts.

price: 50 kr | 40 min

Karina Kristoffersen McKenzie -

I am looping through my own composed songs and buddhist chants and presenting my buddhist inspired art in the form of digital pictures. You are Very Welcome! 🌞🌷🌅

price: Free | one hour
www.facebook.com/karinamckenzieart www.karinamckenzie.com

De Spullenmannen - of things going round

De Spullenmannen will develop their science show into a full hour performance. Ont hings going round is a knight's tour visiting the remote corners of the mind. De Spullenmannen explore the arts and sciences, skipping from maths to music, stumbling on visual art and digging into the history of ideas...

price: pay what you want | 45